Employees BTN East Java degree Reject Acquisition Actions

Hundreds of employees of the State Savings Bank ( BTN ) in East Java staged a protest against the acquisition policy , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) night . They staged a protest at the office parking lot of Bank BTN Surabaya , Youth Road .

Based on the observation Kompas.com , mostly women employees was held banners rejection acquisition policy . They sing and hit gallons of water while shouting ” Reject Acquisition ” . One by one employee representatives gave speeches are greeted noisily other employees .

Union organized action BTN East Java brought representatives of a number of branches around Surabaya such as Gresik , Lamongan , Sidoarjo , Mojokerto , and the number of areas Madura region , with a total of approximately 500 employees of the protesters .

As reported , the government plans to sell its stake in BTN . Bank Mandiri rumored to be a bank that will do the acquisition of BTN .

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At present , the composition of the shareholders of Bank BTN consists of 60.14 percent by the government , a foreign business entity by 25.45 percent , and the remainder made ​​up of individuals , employees , mutual funds , pension funds , insurance companies, cooperatives , and limited liability companies . Action with the same demands , a few days earlier was also held in Jakarta BTN thousands of employees . Until this report is sent , no single party union is pleased to provide an official statement .


HTC Lost landslide of Google

CALIFORNIA - Google Camera application recently released by Google could make the images to be blurry like a DSLR camera . This application is made ​​by a landslide latest HTC , the HTC One ( M8 ) , as futile .

How not , HTC is introducing a new device on March 25, 2014 and then to improvise on camera technology . One of the mainstay features of HTC camera ( M8 ) is the ability to create objects produce blur photos . Just like feature that is owned by Google Camera .

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But the difference , HTC requires two cameras to produce images that blur berobjek . One Ultrapixel resolution camera , the other is the sensor depth of focus to produce blurred images . While I was able to make the results of similar images HTC ( M8 ) only use a regular camera with Camera Google applications .

In addition, the Photo feature photo Spheres alias object 360 degrees offered by Google’s camera has also been developed by HTC . At first , only the HTC One ( M8 ) device that features 360 degrees after the Nexus and Nexus 4 5 . Yet now as Google ‘s presence Camera , dependable camera features HTC ( M8 ) as no longer special.


ITB students reject the politicization of campus action title

Hundreds of students of the Institute of Technology Bandung ( ITB ) which is derived from a variety of majors staged a demonstration in front of the Gate Way Ganeca ITB Bandung , on Thursday , rejected the politicization of the campus .

" Our action is to maintain neutrality college degree in order not to be politicized or are led political mainstream , " said rally coordinator ITB students , Koko on Thursday .

The alma mater of a student who wore a shirt that Ganeca dictionary speeches action and title banners containing the words ” Neutral Campus for the Dead ” , ” On the Politicization condole ITB ” , ” Save the campus of Politicization ” and others .

Koko states , actions that they do not intend to drop the title of a person or a politician , but only requires that the campus while maintaining neutrality .

" Essentially campus is neutral and must be protected from practical politics , " he said .

Incidentally at the time the action was held , the group Joko Widodo Jakarta governor will enter the campus . Students do a blockade in front of the main gate leading to the action of thrust - thrust between students and police officers who helped guard Dalmas ITB .

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However, the officers managed to localize the students who rallied that group are also Jokowi Presidential Candidate of the PDI-P can go in and give a public lecture at one of the halls in the ITB .


35 029 Army personnel deployed Guard Presidential Election

TNI chief Gen. Moeldoko realize mat presidential elections on July 9 have different dynamics with legislative elections , requiring special attention in the implementation of the security tasks and anticipated potential abuse of authority .

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Because of this , his soldiers , commanders emphasized that holding military neutrality and commitment guided by the procedures outlined by the leadership in carrying out security duties .
" Command the military control completely in the hands of the TNI commander , so that no soldiers were block - blokan against any political affiliations , " said General Moeldoko read the written mandate of the Academy of General Commander Air Marshal TNI TNI Bambang Samoedra as Inspector ceremony on hoisting ceremony flag at the TNI headquarters Cilangkap Apple Field East Jakarta , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .
Commander explained , the military has deployed 35,029 personnel , who are in a position of full alert until the end stages of the 2014 election . Commander has instructed soldiers not to hesitate in anticipation of the development of the situation on the ground in order to ensure the smooth running of the democratic party .
" To all unit leaders in the ranks of the military to evaluate the implementation of the legislative election security duties in order to improve the task on the next stages of the election , " he said .
In this regard confirms TNI Commander is built for the task and the strategic role anticipate external threats , but the military did not want any particular groups , which seek to destabilize and threaten the security of the nation and the state .
" TNI is also strong with all the risks determined to take any decisive steps in guarding democracy , secure the nation and the state , " he said .


This Online Game for MH370 Aircraft Remembering the Lost

A fan made ​​online games in bali adventure game for the victims of the loss of Malaysia Airline flight MH370 missing a month ago .

As a form of sorrow and empathy , MH 370 flight online games created by fans of online games in Denpasar , Bali , named Putu Sudiarta . Game called In Memoriam tell MH 370 when the plane fell , a number of lives of people like to float to the top .

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Putu Sudiarta claimed empathy for the hundreds of victims MH370 , which until now has not been found . As is known , Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lost early March until now has not been found by a search team .

" Our goal is create a form of our empathy , especially to the family of the unfortunate victims , " said Putu . In manufacturing , Putu said he was helping a number of gemers in Denpasar in making online games In Memoriam MH370 .

This game tells the missing aircraft in the Indian Ocean . The plane fell into the sea , and then the players in demand to rescue 239 passengers and crew were lost . Although up to now has not been found MH370 aircraft , with the MH370 In Memoriam game is expected to garner a sense of community solidarity towards the victims .


Confident Win, Kader Gerindra degree Bald Bulk Actions

Dozens of cadres and sympathizers Gerindra Magelang Regency shave heads together on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) . Action ” bare ” mass was performed as an expression of joy at the rising of the vote while the party bearing the eagle .

Actions carried out in the residence at the residence of one of the legislative candidates ( candidates ) Gerindra H Sahid Tampingan Village , District Tegalrejo , Magelang regency . Shave it bare not only the residents but also adult children . Not only that , they also cut the goat and cone together .

" This is a manifestation of our joy and gratitude for the sound Gerindra up drastically , " said Sahid , Gerindra candidate who won a seat in Parliament Magelang District on the sidelines of the action .

Although not final vote count , he added , but the party ‘s leader Prabowo top three parties with the most votes across Indonesia in the quick count . Gerindra predicted to grab 12 percent of the vote nationally .

After hair shaved completely bald , about 60 cadres Gerindra it around to the District Candimulyo , Tegalrejo , ferns , and Sawangan included in the electoral districts ( constituencies ) V Magelang regency . Sahid said the 2009 election Gerindra attained only five local parliament seats .

In this election , the voice darting Gerindra expected and able to win nine seats in Parliament Magelang District , one provincial assembly seats and one seat House of Representatives . According to preliminary calculations , Sahid himself won an absolute majority in the village Tampingan . DPT of 2,601 valid votes in 10 polling stations reached 2,236 . Of that amount about 60 percent, or 1,722 voters cast Sahid .

One cadre , Kasdi ( 62 ) claimed to be willing to shave off his hair with their grandchildren as a form of satisfaction because they support the party is able to achieve the target of the vote . He admitted to not worry protested children and wife .

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" Our family supports . Prabowo We want to replace Yudhoyono as president . Anyway Prabowo president of Indonesia raono liyo choice ( Anyway Prabowo president of Indonesia there is no other choice , " said Kasdi .


Pramod Edhie resigned if terminated Democratic Convention

Democrat Party plummeted by counting recapitulation quickly ( quick count ) number of survey institutes in legislative election ( Pileg ) ago . They also predicted difficult to carry the presidential candidate (candidates ) .

Democrats own up to now has 11 names which candidate will fight in the middle of a semi-open convention . What their fate now ?

Participants presidential election of the Democratic convention , Pramod Edhie Wibowo did not question if this mechanism is stopped due to the acquisition of the voice.

"In terms of the convention , which could be said to proceed or not , it’s just a convention committee . I ‘m just as participants , all depending on the convention committee and the Democratic Party . When I come up , so I stopped that too obedient , " said Pramod in his Media Center , Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

However, until now the party leader Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) was still awaiting the results of the vote will actually delivered the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

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"According to Mr. Yudhoyono said , we accept ( a quick count results Pileg ) , but still waiting for the results of the Commission legitimate . Usually this tradition is rarely done by other political parties , especially the losers , " he concluded .


Banking BI Synergy with SMEs

Edinburgh society still low access to banking products and services , prompted Bank Indonesia ( BI ) Jambi organizes exhibitions and small-business banking flagship Jambi .
Banking BI menyelenggarkan Jambi Expo 2014 followed 28 commercial banks , which offer a variety of product landing and funding , as well as potential MSME in Jambi Province .

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Ehsan W Prabawa , manager of real sector development and SME BI Jambi said , Jambi has the potential of improving the economy that supported the three main indicators , namely a relatively high economic growth rate , abundance of natural resources as a basis for financial industry transactions , and still the number of people access untapped banking .

At the national level , the ratio of the population which has been dealing with formal financial institutions reached 48 percent .
" It required the efforts to introduce and socialize the financial institutions , especially banks , " he said , Friday ( 11/4 ) .
SMEs , he said , has an important role in the economy because businesses into categories with the largest employment .

Development of SMEs supported with a good entrepreneurial spirit can be a solution to overcome unemployment in Jambi .
SMEs are considered as a business that is easy to get in and out , so there are still obstacles to receive a financing .
However, in recent years , a growing number of banks that focus on microfinance .

" Micro-businesses are relatively more resistant than the global economic turmoil into a separate interest for banks that establish micro services in these areas , " he said .

 Meanwhile , limited access to markets as well as in the case of a product with modern packing an obstacle for SMEs .
Exhibition and SME banking is expected to be a bridge for the two sides to each well to develop its market in terms of credit markets and in terms of product sales . ( HDP )


Press Losses, Pelni Proposed Raise Rates 20 Percent

Pelni PT ( Persero ) plans to raise fares for domestic passenger vessels economy class by 20 percent .
With the rate increase by 20 percent , the new rate will be U.S. $ 492.48 per person per mile from Rp 404.55 .

The increase occurred after a passenger ship after five years of PT Pelni not raise rates passenger ships . Last rate increase occurred in 2009 .

" There was a rate increase in 2007 , then in 2009 , a decline in rates . This year we are proposing a 20 percent increase , " said Commercial Director Daniel E Bangonan Pelni socialization tariff adjustments at the All Seasons Hotel , Jalan Gajah Mada , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 10 / 4/2014 ) .

According to Daniel , Pelni has consulted with the Ministry of Transportation ( MoT ) as the regulator and the Indonesian Consumers Foundation ( YLKI ) as the representative consumer .

" The process to MoT existing discussion . Like what operating expense . Losses incurred , " he said .

In explain it , it becomes a keharus rise after Pelni bear the increase in operating expenses .

One of the most severe operating expenses are akbat subsidized fuel price increases and the soaring exchange rate .

" Tariff adjustment to reduce the level of losses incurred Pelni . Increase in fuel subsidy of Rp 4,500 to Rp 5,500 . Increase is 22.3 percent . Ship Pelni also import spare parts with the euro . Exchange rate significantly affect the increase in cost of 28 percent , " he explained .

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According to Daniel , the biggest component of ocean freight is as much as 55 percent fuel and vessel maintenance costs by 11 percent .

If there is an increase in fuel prices and the rates do not rise , then Pelni can bear greater losses .


Xiaomi Plan ‘Master’ Indonesian Smartphone Market

Competitive world of technology continues to evolve , one of which , Xiaomi increasingly showing its fangs in the smartphone market . Vendors from China’s claims to have sent 11 million smartphones in just three months in the first quarter of 2014 .

The number of deliveries was a significant accomplishment , achieved by Xiaomi . Moreover , during the year 2013 , recorded Xiaomi able to achieve sales of 18.7 million smartphones .

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The above achievements Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. increasingly optimistic in its business . Because of his confidence on Jun even revise their sales targets in 2014.

As reported by The Next Web , Tuesday ( 01/04/2014 ) , previously known June Lei set a target of selling 40 million units of smartphones in 2014. However, the target was changed to 60 million units . In fact , Xiaomi ‘s ambition ship 100 million smartphones in the coming year .

And rising targets mounted Xiaomi boss is not without reason . Expansion of product marketing Xiaomi conducted in Hong Kong and Taiwan , which is planned Singapore will continue to be one of the causes of the target revised June Lei .

Xiaomi is also reportedly planning to sell smartphones in Southeast Asia , besides India and Latin America .

Even in Indonesia , the expansion has begun to smell the Xiaomi phone presence and Mi3 Redmi series in the list of products that are being tested in the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication . Both products were reportedly going to be launched globally in May 2014.