Kaban Not Acknowledge His voice in Money Demand Contains footage to Anggoro

Former Minister of Forestry ( MoF ) MS Kaban not recognize his voice in the wiretap recordings that prosecutors played the Corruption Eradication Commission in a hearing at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) . Prosecutors played recordings containing conversations about money demand U.S. $ 10,000 to the owner of PT Masaro Radiokom , Anggoro Widjojo .

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" Do you know that sound ? " Prosecutors asked Riyono .
" No," said Kaban .
In the telephone recording , Kaban asked for U.S. $ 10,000 to Anggoro .

" A little bit of emergency , can help send 10,000 . Like yesterday , wrapped in a small , " Kaban said in the telephone connection .

Kaban recognizes the phone number is his. However, according to Kaban , the phone number never dial a phone number Anggoro .

" I have repeatedly played . I am surprised there is no emergency language . Menhut so long as there is no emergency language , " said Kaban .

Kaban then argue that cell phones are often held by aides . He claimed to have never received a report from his aide if there is a call from Anggoro . Chairman of the Crescent Star Party also denied ever receiving money of 15,000 U.S. dollars .

The above rebuttal , the prosecutor will present a sound expert witness in this trial . Same expert witnesses will prove whether or not the voice in the phone with the original sound recording .

In the indictment , called Kaban received money from Anggoro . One of them , Anggoro never gave 15,000 dollars to Kaban after Parliament approved the draft Program Budget Ceiling Part of National Movement for Forest and Land Rehabilitation Rp 4.2 trillion proposed by the Ministry of Forestry ( now the Ministry of Forestry ) .

The Integrated Radio Communication System project ( Survey) worth Rp 180 billion included in the draft budget . Mentioned in the indictment , finally Kaban set PT Masaro Radiokom SKRT project winner in 2007 .


The Barracks Fire Victims in Aston Workers Not Identified

The identity of the victims who are victims of the burning barracks workers in Kupang Aston authorities reported . However , there is one death that has yet to be identified .

Previously reported , the barracks where the workers who are in the Road East Raya , Kelapa Lima Urban Village , Kupang , East Nusa Tenggara , on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) morning , engulfed in the flames .

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Deputy Head of Kupang City Police Commissioner Julian Prime to Kompas.com , Wednesday afternoon , said all the workers come from Boyolali , Central Java .

" Once we had to evacuate the hospital , we managed to identify the victims , both luk - injured or dead . One of the victims died we have not managed to identify the body , " said Julian .

Here are the names of the fire victims :
1 . Purnama Irawan ( burns)
2 . Heri Supranoto ( burns)
3 . Kusno ( burns)
4 . Toyip ( burns)
5 . Nanang ( burns)
6 . Sopini ( burns)
7 . Bambang ( dead )
8 . One victim died of unknown identity


Sutan Bhatoegana Feel So Victim

Suspect cases of alleged corruption related to changes in the State Budget ( Budget ) in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in 2013 Sutan step Bhatoegana admitted sincerely for the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) that entrap . Sutan feel victimized by the system .

" It’s a risk and I am a victim of office systems , " Sutan said when met at the Parliament Complex in Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

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Sutan admitted he had not resigned , both as Chairman of House Commission VII as well as the Democratic party cadres . He is still waiting for the next process in the Commission . Because of this , the Democrats said they would continue their duties as representatives of the people of the constituency of North Sumatra .

" I still continue to be paid . If I do not get in it later was also called corruption , " said Sutan explain his presence at the plenary session of the House this morning .

Sultan claimed to have set up a legal team to deal with the process at the Commission to court . However , he would not comment when asked about the case material .

" Nantilah it let the Commission outlining . KPK who see no wrong system , and I’m the victim , " said Sutan .

Sutan suspected of violating Article 12 paragraph a or b or Article 11 and Article 12 B of Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 . Determination Sutan as suspects is the result of oil and gas development SKK bribery case that ensnared former Head of Oil and Gas SKK Rudi Rubiandini .

Sutan failed to re- qualify in Pileg yesterday . Complaint to the Constitutional Court revoked by Democrats because already holds the status of the suspect .


Make city officials Disco as an ATM machine

Vice Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Purnama Tjahaha (Ahok) No person accused in the Department of Tourism and Culture, Department of Spatial Planning, and the Office of Building Control (P2B) to “game” with a number of entertainment venues businessmen in Jakarta.

Ahok accusation is not without reason, the article is still a lot of buildings that serve a variety of entertainment venues, but do not have the permission of the Provincial Government of Jakarta.

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"Many buildings do not fit the same certification was designed. I told the Department of Spatial Planning, altered spatial. Later when baseball was changed 10 years 20 years 30 years so the ATM was. Nyetor all of them right," tudingnya.

He also admitted that condition is supported by the ‘game’ that made ​​the Department of Tourism.

"The tourism office that responsibility. Department of tourism include the game there is what the restaurant is open 20 million. Was designated to be changed.’s Why we’ll use spatial coordination meeting RDTR change it," he said.


Priyo: National Conference Golkar It Can Choose Your Say New

Golkar officials claim will soon hold a National Congress to select a new Chairman . The General Assembly is scheduled to be executed after the 2014 presidential election is completed .

Golkar chairman Priyo Budi Santoso said the National Conference to discuss the political upheaval during the 2014 presidential election . Additionally , there will be an evaluation of the movement of Golkar in the national political scene .

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” If approved , it could be held the fifth annual National Conference for choosing a new chairman , ” he said , Thursday ( 22/5 ) .

Priyo explained , there is a proposal from Pekanbaru DPD Golkar Assembly held that per - 6 years . However , the proposal was rejected and Golkar remains grounded in AD / ART party . This year , Golkar will hold a regular agenda of the General Assembly .

” It’s a decision that this time of Pekanbaru to six years but only a recommendation , but we are still five years . As per the budget , ” said the shocking .

Vice Chairman of Golkar , Laksono prefer to say as Rapim ( Leadership Meeting ) with the status under national meeting . The meeting is to discuss the development of his own party . Although contested by other cadres of the Rapim , insists Supreme Rapim more suitable than the national meeting conducted after the presidential election .

” Status under national conference, Rapim . After Pileg Rapim yes why there is no Rapim after the presidential election ? , ” He said .


Twitter Clear Buy SoundCloud?

Twitter rumored to be acquired SoundCloud to provide music services in the social network . However , no less than 24 hours since the rumors were rife latest news emerged that the plan failed .

The Wall Street Journal and Der Spiegel reported that Twitter retreated from plans to buy the German company .

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Why ? According to reliable sources the Wall Street Journal , Twitter and SoundCloud can not agree about the ” numbers ” .

SoundCloud is an audio streaming service from Germany which allows users to upload and share a song or other audio recordings . If so annexed , the service is believed to cure SoundCloud Twitter Music service fee that is failing .

SoundCloud is currently estimated to be worth USD 700 million , having received funding of USD 60 million in 2013. Twitter apparently is not ready to spend millions of dollars to annex these services .

The two companies are not delivering his official statement about the acquisition rumors .


After sign in KPU, Jokowi Thankful

Couple Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla has officially register as a candidate for president and vice president to the General Election Commission ( KPU ) . Jokowi grateful that the Commission has given good service in the registration process .

Coming to the Commission ‘s office in Jalan Imam Bonjol , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) at around 14:05 pm , with the use of the bicycle , and JK compact Jokowi wearing a white shirt . Two men went straight up to the registration area .

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" We already submit administrative documents . Already I leave on Monday, May 19th today, " said Jokowi after submitting documents to the Commission .

Jokowi like to thank the Commission and his staff for giving good service to their registration . Jokowi promised to follow the verification process established by the Commission next.

In the same occasion , the Chairman of the PDI-P winning elections Puan Maharani hope that Jokowi- JK can be selected and realize good governance . ” Hopefully presidential candidate and vice presidential candidates of our candidates are trustworthy , clean , and can oversee a strong presidential system and well , ” said Puan .

Atmosphere - JK Jokowi registration at the Commission is very crowded . Thousands of supporters around the building meets the Commission to close the road . Between journalists and police riot had occurred when Jokowi want to go into the office .

Jokowi - JK candidacy as vice - presidential candidate supported by four political parties , the PDI-P , National Democrats, National Awakening Party , and the People’s Conscience Party . The couple’s declaration was announced today at the House Joang 45 .


Needless degree Voting Re, the Commission and the Election Supervisory Committee South Solok trial

Honor Council Election ( DKPP ) through the Regional Investigation Team West Sumatra , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) , held a hearing on the Election Commission and the Election Supervisory Committee South Solok . They complained because they do not vote again as set out in the Commission Circular No. 306 on Ballot Handling confused .

" Here, just hearing and will have recommendations generated . Recommendation that will be taken into consideration for decision -making in Jakarta later , " said Arif Budiman DKPP staff in Padang , Wednesday morning .

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Based on a complaint submitted resumes Member Efitrimen Solar Bawaslu West Sumatra , the actual teradu Commission aware of any such circular . In addition , they are also aware of any ballot confused and reports of candidates and coordinating members of the party .

Unfortunately , the re-voting ( PSU ) at 11 polling stations in the district Sangir with about 2,800 total voters in April was canceled due to the situation in the region prone . Moreover, the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of South Solok Sanusi received threats from unknown people if I still had to PSU .

Bawaslu chairman Elly Yanti West Sumatra , previously said that the cancellation should not be done . Local Supervisory Committee also judged to be coordinated in advance with the relevant Bawaslu withdrawal PSU recommendations .

The Election Commission of South Solok , according to him , should take the initiative to hold the PSU so aware of ballots confused . But it was not done . That’s what makes the findings complained to the Election Supervisory Body DKPP .


So the battle group will Rapimnas Pro and Anti-Ical

Golkar Party senior politician , Zainal Bintang, said internal resistance against the nomination of his party or Ical Bakrie as President will be more visible on the implementation of the national leadership meeting this May.

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Rapimnas expected to be an excellent ” war ” between the camp of supporters and anti - Ical . ” Rapimnas later will be a very moving event in Golkar . Battle between Ical and are willing to maintain Ical backwards , ” said Zainal in Jakarta , Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

He explained Ical opportunity to come forward as a candidate for President is very difficult . Moreover , Ical is not the cadres of CBOs founder of the Golkar Party . On the other hand , organizations such as the Golkar Party founder Soski , MKGR , and Kosgoro wants cadres forward as a candidate in the presidential election .

" It is also a problem ARB ( Ical ) because he was not part of the Tri Karya ( Golkar founding organizations ) . Later after he had entered the General Assembly and became Pekanbaru Soksi Advisory Council . So Tri roots work he is not so strong , " said Zainal .

Other things that cause internal resentment against Golkar figure is a matter of Ical Bakrie contribution in winning legislative elections . Candidates are considered not contribute anything to the vote of the Golkar Party in the last legislative elections .

" Due to the lack of contribution is what invites the desire to ask better resign , " said Zainal .

If Ical retreat , Zainal said Golkar opportunities open nominate candidates for vice president . Already there are six names that had didiskuiskan among Golkar’s Akbar Tanjung board , Luhut Panjaitan , Jusuf Kalla , Priyo Budi Santoso , Gina Kartasasmita , and Laksono .


It is meant Coalition Sleek PDI-P and Jokowi …

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) saying it will not build a coalition fat in the face of the presidential election of 2014. Stance was taken in order to win later when nothing matters holding the wheels of government .

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Coalition slim or by PDI - P is referred to as ” lean cooperation ” will be raised with the political parties have a common vision to build Indonesia without transactional practice .

However , lean here does not mean coalition will be filled by a little party . ” Coalition slim is slimmer than the intended intervention hostage interest populist agenda . Slender of disease control , even zero from corrupt desire , ” said Deputy Secretary General of the PDI - P Hasto Kristiyanto , Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) , in Jakarta .

Hasto said , the PDI - P to open the door wide to all political parties who are willing to fight the fight in accordance with the party line . This statement denied that the PDI - P will not build a coalition of parties .

In the coalition , said Hasto , power sharing has also become a necessity . With notes , he said , the division is done according to the capacity and not just give allotments to certain parties who have been willing to join and provide support as the winning effort .

" The division of power has become a constitutional command to create checks and balances . However , task priorities are shared with those who have integrity , have competence , and had a fighting spirit to Indonesia , " said Hasto .

By doing so , Hasto expect political cooperation between the parties will be interwoven with the very simple . Runway and the goal is to realize a fully pro-people government through presidential candidates promoted by PDI - P , Joko Widodo .

" The coalition is not hostage to the interests of power makes Jokowi to build a free and independent national force dedicated to the welfare of the people , " added Hasto .

As is known , the coalition that coveted sleek PDI - P had a chance to reap criticism . Coalition that could be interpreted as a particular class coalition that does not involve as many parties in managing pluralism in Indonesia.

In contrast with the PDI - P , Gerindra openly working to build a coalition fat involving as many parties . The purpose of this party is the choice of an understanding of the need to involve all segments of the government so as to create solidarity between the performance of the government and parliament .

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